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Hog Sausage Casings

34/36 3 HANKS/TUB
This selection from our Natural Choice brand of hog sausage casings is an A grade casing , which is sure to impress.

The casings originate from UK pigs and are freshly selected in the UK at source - no food miles to be concerned about on this product.

These casings are supplied as 90m per hank versus 80m hanks on our other hog casing product.

Select this size for your larger size pork or beef sausage , with a diameter of approx 34mm - 36mm , which will enable you to make 105lbs of sausage per hank or 315lbs from the pail supplied.

The sausage casings are supplied as 3 hanks in a moist salt tub. We recommend they should be soaked in fresh cold water for a minimum of 2 hours but ideally overnight for optimum performance. Then transfer to tepid water when ready to use in production.

This product is also available spooled on a soft tube eliminating the need to sort and untangle the casing helping reduce handling and loading.

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